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    Integrate your customer data with

    the PRDCT Customer Data Platform


    make your data work for marketing

Let us introduce

Our platform

CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM A true single customer view

In most companies, customer data is kept in many different systems. The PRDCT Customer Data Platform integrates all data sources to a true Single Customer View, and enables you to use customer profiles for data driven marketing.

SCORECARD AND REPORTINGManagement reporting and analysis

Use the PRDCT scorecard to monitor marketing performance against strategic goals. Deep dive in data and analyze combined data sources. Our platform works with any data visualization software (ie Qlik, Tableau, PowerBI).

AUDIENCE BUILDER Create segments for campaigns

Use the PRDCT audience builder to create segments from individual profiles with the same attributes. This helps you to target your message to the right audience. Combine as many attributes as you wish, and add predictive scores to audiences.

PREDICTIVE PRODUCTS Predict what your customers want

Our sophisticated algorithms automatically determine the best best offer, product, or content for each customer. Use lookalike modeling to find customers similar to your best ones.

TARGET CONNECTORSAPI’s for data delivery

Automate the use of audiences and predictions and feed them into your marketing technology stack (i.e. marketing automation systems, tag management systems or A/B testing).

POST TAGGING INTERFACE Cleanse and interpret your data

The PRDCT post tagging interface gives you direct access to your data. Cleanse data, measure goals or create meaningful categories. The advantage of post-tagging vs tagging is that you can even add new metrics to analyse historical data.

Marketing meets Tech.  All skills combined

In one Team

Stefan Kok

Data Scientist

Stefan has a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is one of the lead developers of our predictive products.

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Marianne Van Leeuwen


Marianne has a background in marketing. She founded several internet start-ups, worked as a new media consultant and had a digital ad agency.

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Karen Beun


Karen has a marketing background. She co-founded several internet start-ups and is an expert in the field of customer loyalty.

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Kees Molenaar

CTO Customer DNA Hub

Kees has a solid track record in the field of business intelligence. He was part of the team that developed the Customer DNA Hub over the last two years.

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Marnix Dalebout


Marnix has over 15 years of experience in Business Intelligence and has been working with data all along. He is the father of the PRDCT Data Management Platform.

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Marcel van den Hoff


Marcel combines his extensive knowledge of business and information analysis and performance management with a broad knowledge of financial administration.

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Paul van de Sande

Visualization Expert

Paul has a profound knowledge of Reporting and Analysis tools. Paul is responsible for building our dashboards, scorecards, visualizations and analytical reports. He rocks.

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Connect your data

Connect all customer data sources using our data connectors. This is
the first step toward a true single customer view, the foundation for
data driven marketing.

Our clustering engine bridges silos between your marketing channels,
to create a seamless consumer experience.

The PRDCT Customer Data Platform can integrate first-, second- and third-party data.

Connect web analytics data, email marketing data, marketing
automation data, transactional data online and offline,
social data, loyalty data, CRM systems and any other source.


Target Audiences across your marketing tools and equip your
campaigns with custom segments up to the individual.

The PRDCT Customer Data Platform connects with any marketing tool,
fast and easy.

PRDCT has created API’s for various marketing automation
systems, tag management systems, A/B testing platforms,
search and display advertising.
We can also export data to work with customer data in stores.


WG Plein 369 |1054 SG Amsterdam | info@prdct.nl
Any questions? Call Marianne van Leeuwen (0031624254811) or Karen Beun (0031629436357).