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PRDCT Platform

Audience Builder

The Audience Builder lets you create audiences based on all omni-channel data. Audiences can be as specific as you wish, i.e. all persons who have viewed a certain product on your website in the last week, and purchased another product in the last year, all persons who have not purchased in the last 3 months.

Audiences are pushed to all marketing technology systems, i.e. your email program, multi-variate testing tools, liquid content systems, display advertising and so on.


All elements from the data are available for selection in the Audience Builder. When creating an audience, you can immediately see the number, so you can decide if the audience contains enough people to run your campaign.

All audiences are updated automatically. Audiences can also be scheduled, so a fresh audience is delivered daily. This facilitates use cases such as sending congratulations to customers who have their birthday and automated guest journeys.

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