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PRDCT Platform

Data cleansing

Your first party data is a goldmine. That is, if you can use it. In reality, most data is full of errors. Names are misspelled, email addresses are not valid, people are registered 8 times etc. If you want to use the data for good reporting, for proper analysis, and for great campaigns, the quality of the data is highly important. PRDCT can help you with this difficult task. When setting up the platform, we offer basic cleansing of the data, so the data is organised in such a way, that you can actually work with it.


The more you do with your data, the more important is the quality of the data. Data analysts spend up to 80% of their time preparing the data. When installing the platform, PRDCT sorts the data, so that a large part of this work has already been done. Furthermore, advanced cleansing is available as an add-on to the platform.

All audiences are updated automatically. Audiences can also be scheduled, so a fresh audience is delivered daily. This facilitates use cases such as sending congratulations to customers who have their birthday and automated guest journeys.

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