Let us introduce

Our platform

CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM Get value from your data

The PRDCT Customer Data Platform clusters data from all sources and turns disparate customer data into unified profiles, ready for use in all martech tooling. Create one truth for reporting and analysis and use profiles to drive value.

REPORTING AND ANALYSIS Scorecard and reporting

The PRDCT platform creates one truth for reporting. Monitor marketing performance against strategic goals or deep dive in data for advanced analysis. Our platform works with all data visualization software.

AUDIENCE BUILDER Create audiences for campaigns

Create omni-channel segments from individual profiles with the same attributes. This helps you to target your message to the right audience. Combine as many attributes as you wish, and add predictive scores to audiences.

PREDICTIVE PRODUCTS Predict what your customers want

Our sophisticated algorithms automatically determine the best best offer, product, or content for a customer. The results of predictions are added to the customer profiles.

DATA DRIVEN MARKETINGAPI’s for data delivery

Integrate data into your marketing. PRDCT connects to your entire martech stack. Feed audiences and predictions and automate your marketing.

WORK WITH DATA Cleanse and interpret your data

The PRDCT Posttagger gives marketers direct access to all customer data. Cleanse data, measure goals or create meaningful categories. Or add new metrics to analyse historical data.