The biggest value from data is in first party data. Your own data! However, internal systems
containing customer data can be complex. That’s why most platforms choose to ignore them.

PRDCT is different.
We know from experience it’s best not to ignore complexity, but to face it.
That’s why we start with the hardest part: your internal sources of customer data.

The PRDCT Customer Data Platform clusters all customer data. So you can use your valuable data.
Use it to get customer insights, or deliver it to any marketing tool,fast and easy.

The PRDCT Customer Data Platform connects with any marketing tool,
fast and easy.

PRDCT likes complex data crunching, but straightforward tooling and straightforward questions and answers.
We try to keep it simple and guide our customers through the data driven journey with small steps.
Step by step, you will gain more knowledge about your customers and you will be able to get more value from your data.