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The value of offline data

Online data is usually more readily available to work with, so most companies use it more often than data from their offline systems. However, as approximately 90% of transactions is still done offline, these sources contain important information about customers.

Thanks to our strong background in Business Intelligence, PRDCT can work with complex offline systems, and integrates data from these systems into the Customer Data Platform. Enabling marketers to use this kind of data in campaigns adds tremendous value.


Examples of internal systems are ERP systems, loyalty systems, booking systems, sensor data, CRM systems, financial systems, dealer information. These systems contain a wealth of information about clients, and many times have been in place for years. It is vital to include data from these systems in a Customer Data Platform, to get a complete picture. However, most of these systems are set up in a closed way, so extracting data from them can be a difficult task. Besides that, data models are usually very complex, with massive amounts of tables and many dependencies. PRDCT is used to working with this kind of complex data, and turns it into something that’s easy to work with.

PRDCT creates connectors with all sources containing customer information. The platform then automatically integrates data from these sources into the platform, and keeps adding new information to customer profiles.

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