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PRDCT Solutions

Predict what your customers want

Using predictive modelling in marketing is the holy grail. How great would it be to be able to predict the behaviour and wishes of your customers, so you could meet their needs in a better way? For most companies, this is definitely on the wish list. However, they need to take steps to get there. The PRDCT platform is built for that. As 80% of the work of data scientists consists of the sorting of data, the PRDCT platform unburdens you in this field. It is the perfect basis to start using predictive modelling in marketing.

Once the platform is up and running, you can add predictive modules. The results of these models can be used as attributes of customer profiles, ready for automated use in all martech tooling.


Let’s say you want to know about the risk of churn. PRDCT can create a predictive model, using all indicators for churn, and deliver a churn score as a result. The churn score will be added to the customers’ profile, and is available for selection in the Audience Builder, so you can create anti-churn messaging and campaigns.

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