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PRDCT Platform

Recognize Customers

Recognising a customer is the basis for more targeted messaging. This seems simple, but can be a very difficult task; not many companies succeed in recognising their customers in all channels, although consumers clearly have different expectations. Make sure you meet them, and create unified customer profiles you can work with.

The PRDCT Customer Data Platform clusters all pieces of information about a customer, and builds a unified customer view. These profiles can be used in all channels, i.e. to send a personalised message to a known customer on the website, to retarget customers with the right product instead of something they just bought or to welcome a customer in store with a personalised offer.

Customer profiles grow over time, as more and more information can be linked to the customer profile, so a customer can truly be recognised in all channels, such as your website and your mobile app.


Most experts agree that the real value of data is in first party data. However, 80% of first party data is still unknown data. This means that companies are still unable to identify an individual customer, i.e. when someone visits their website. Matching the information from their web visits to data from other channels adds tremendous value to the customer profile.

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